Thursday, June 18, 2015

Almost Summer

Well, it looks like I haven't posted in awhile.  School is almost done for the year which I'm so glad about.  My grades are still pretty much the same.  I got A+'s on two of my homework assignments-spelling and vocab, and social studies.
  I would have done worse on the social studies one which was on naming all the states but Ms. Merriman helped me when she had me stay after, a couple weeks ago...

 She also had me stay after yesterday because...well...I, uh...didn't do so well on my...math and science tests... (I got a C+ and C-, respectively).  Originally my plan was to just sneak out of the classroom because I really hate having to talk to my teachers; I see a paper with a "Please see me" on it and I try to ignore it because I'm too scared to go up to my teachers.  Especially if it's because I didn't do too well.

But...Ms. Merriman stopped beside my desk and told me to stay after for a bit.  So as much as I wanted to just sneak out of the classroom as quickly as I could, I probably would have gotten caught anyway.  And of course Ms. Merriman wanted to talk to me about the two tests.  With the math one, it was on multiplying fractions and having to reduce them if possible.  I hate fractions!  I'm not good at simplifying them.  It's so confusing, unless it's something easy like 25/50.  That's 1/2 since 25 is half of 50.  But something like 35/120 confuses me.  Ms. Merriman did try to explain it to me again and had me practice a couple of the problems I had gotten wrong (actually I got half points for getting the multiplication part right).  Then she gave me five more fractions to simplify last night for more practice.  I managed to get three of them right but I couldn't figure one out and another wasn't simplified enough apparently.  I did somehow manage to get up the courage to come to school a few minutes early today so that I could get help on the two questions.  And for doing the five questions, Ms. Merriman did give me extra credit points on my quiz.

Oh no!  Speaking of extra credit, I have to do a planet chart and write about a state if I want any extra credit for science and social studies-and they're due tomorrow!  And I've known about them for a couple weeks because Ms. Merriman told me about them at the meeting two weeks ago...and of course I've kept putting it off.  What am I going to do?

Did I mention I'm glad school is almost over for the year?*

*Not that Ms. Merriman isn't a bad teacher or anything.  She's been nice and helpful, like Mrs. Halliwell.  I just don't like school!  It's wicked boring most of the time.  And I get nervous around my teachers.

PS.  How ironic is it that I hate school but so many of my blog posts seem to be school-related?But I digress.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Happy 2015!

It's still hard to believe that it's 2015 already! I feel like Christmas went by too fast. I still want to listen to Christmas songs!

 It's been forever since I've written. I don't know if anyone really reads this blog anymore. I just haven't had too much going on lately. But let's start from September I guess. On September 8th, a new girl named Isabelle Palmer moved to Star Valley. Isabelle is in the 4th grade and is cousins with Brooke Soriano. I guess Isabelle loves dance, especially ballet, and fashion design. She might get along with Heather or Sonali then. Heather loves ballet and Sonali loves fashion. Also, that means that now there are not only Nicki Fleming and Nikki Halliwell, there are Isabel King and Isabelle Palmer.

 For Halloween I was a gypsy. I wore my hair in a high ponytail with a couple of little twists. It was fun. Kaya went as a vampire.

 Nothing too much happened in November. Just a small Thanksgiving meal with my family.

Last month was of course Christmas-my birthday. I got some cute gifts including a new My Little Pony toy. I helped my mom make dinner and we had a sweet potato pie. I had never tried that before; it's good. We we didn't really do too much on Christmas.  My brother, Peter, Kaya and I each got to choose a movie to watch. I picked A Christmas Story because it's one of my favorites. We also had our holiday concert. I tried out for a solo but didn't get one. Marina and Nikki H. got a duet and Aimee got a solo. Oh well.

 Here are some pics of me and Kaya decorating our tree; it's always one of my favorite traditions!
So that brings us to this month. I've been reflecting on 2014 and how I didn't complete nearly as many goals as I had hoped for. I wanted to write a new short story and that never happened. I haven't been good at keeping up with letters to friends. And my grades...have been the usual. With that said, here my goals for 2015:
1) Try to do better on my homework (blah)
2) Try to keep my room cleaner (blah)
3) Learn something new
4) Write a new short story

Will I get any of them accomplished, I don't know. I think #3 might be the easiest one of the bunch. Anyway, I have a little bit of homework to finish up-social studies. TTYL.

Oh, before I go, here is a video of highlights from last month's concert:

PS. What are your goals for 2015?

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Meeting Monday

So, Monday we had to go back to school (vacations are so short!) and so I had to stay after school and have a meeting with Mrs. Halliwell. At first I'd hoped that she'd forgotten about it but while we were paired up and working on our projects, she came by to remind me. By the way, if anyone is interested, our project is that we have to come up with articles (local, national, world, etc.) and present them in class as if we're doing a news show. Jessica McConnell and I are partners so that's fun.

Anyhoo, so after school was over, I stayed in my seat until Mrs. Halliwell called me over to her desk. Then I reluctantly gathered my stuff and went to see her. First we went over the extra credit paper that I had mostly done. She showed me how to figure out where the decimal point goes, in the answer, then had me do them. Then she corrected my paper (I got 4 wrong, out of 10) and instead of giving me a 60% because of the questions I got wrong, Mrs. Halliwell had me try the four questions again, in front of her. It took me a couple of tries on a couple of them and I got frustrated. Mrs. Halliwell could see that because she kept telling me that it was okay and not to beat myself up over it. Along with doing the problems right there, she asked me to try to figure out where I'd made my mistakes the first time around. Eventually, though, I got them all right and Mrs. Halliwell gave me a 100% on the extra credit. I still don't think I deserved it though...

After that, she told me to redo the questions that I had gotten wrong, from the homework sheet before vacation, for more extra credit. She already corrected the answers but wants me to redo the problems on my own. Then, she quickly went over my social studies quiz with me. We had gotten them back yesterday surprise, I failed it, too. *Sighs* It's my fault for barely studying. Mrs. Halliwell had me rewrite the quiz questions, with the right name, in the beginning of each senetence. And if I want to do extra credit for S.S., I have to write at least one page on the Lousiana Purchase. *Head-desk* It's sooo boring. Learning that stuff makes me yawn. I like some history but other history, not so much. It really depends on both the subject and how I'm learning, I think.

So, needless to say, I have a lot of homework to do and no motivation to do it. The story of my homework-loaded life. But, I suppose I should try to do something...



Friday, April 25, 2014

Easter 2014

I can't believe April vacation is almost over already. I want it to last longer! Even though my vacation has been pretty quiet, just staying at home, I'm not ready to go back to school yet.

For Easter, Kaya and I got Lindt chocolate bunnies, some other candy, eggs and bubbles to share. Kaya got a pretty pink flower hairclip and I got an adorable little pink bunny toy! I also sent some Easter toys and bubbles to a few of my friends. :)

Easter Photos

Our Easter baskets.

Me with my Easter presents.

My bunny toy! :)

Kaya blowing bubbles.

I did most of my extra credit math worksheet that Mrs. Halliwell gave me. The only thing I didn't do was the actual decimal points. I'm going to ask Mrs. Halliwell about them, on Monday. I hope she doesn't mind that I didn't do that part yet. I'm also worried about a social studies quiz we had last Friday. We'll probably get them back on Monday and I don't think I did well at all. :/ It's a good thing they don't have dunce caps anymore because I'd be the one wearing it. All. The. Time. Ugh.

Friday, April 18, 2014

School Work Blues

What a beginning to my Spring day went okay for the most part...until Math class that is. We got back our worksheets from a few days ago and on top of mine was a 42%-an F. I was immediately bummed and hoped that no one else saw my horrible grade. :/ Our worksheet was on multiplying decimals.

I'm not the best with my multiplication and I also got confused on where to put the decimal point. I guess it's my own fault because I wasn't fully paying attention when Mrs. Halliwell went over it in class. Math is just sooooo wicked boring! And I'm no good at it and...I dunno.

To top it off, I got a C on my science quiz. And I forgot my vocab homework at home. Needless to say, Mrs. Halliwell wanted to see me after school for a few minutes. I tried to sneak out of the classroom before she said anything but I wasn't quick enough. Mrs. Halliwell gave me another worksheet on multiplying decimals that she wants me to do for extra credit, over vacation. Blah. She also said that she wants to have a meeting with me after school, the Monday we come back from vacation. I think she probably wants to go over the work with me. So now I'll be apprehensive about that all next week! I don't want to stay after but she already called my mom and told her! I of course cried and ran up to hide under the covers. I'm scared and nervous. I'm not looking forward to the meeting at all. I usually stay quiet and start to cry silently. I'm always afraid that Mrs. Halliwell with laugh at me or yell at me or something because of my stupid grades. I mean, part of me knows that she won't but another part of me thinks "what if she does?" and thinks all these negative thoughts, even though they probably aren't true. Does anyone else ever think that way?

I'm going to try to not think about the meeting next week. I want to have a fun vacation, even though I now have an extra homework sheet to do. I'm excited for Easter-we're coloring eggs in a little while which is always one of my favorite traditions. Then we're watching Hop! EB and Fred are so funny! Phil, too, lol.

Anyway, ciao for now.


Saturday, March 22, 2014

Late Night Sleepover and a Weird Dream

So, first off, Kaya and I are going over to Hallie's house tonight. We get to stay up late and then tomorrow, Hallie and Kaya have a project to work on. I should probably bring along some homework to do while they work on their project. Though I don't want to. But tomorrow is Sunday after all and I suppose if I have any questions, I can ask Mrs. Halliwell. Which I'm reluctant to do as you all probably know well.

I missed a question on my math homework the other day. I was wicked sleepy and skipped it because I couldn't think. And we had a quiz today and I skipped three questions and was unsure about my answers on two others. :/ What if Mrs. Halliwell grades my homework sheet and quiz while I'm at her house? It always makes me nervous when I sleep over or spend the day at Hallie's. Do any of you have a teacher who is a friend's parent?

And speaking of Mrs. Halliwell, a few nights ago, I had this really weird dream! My mom, my brother, Peter, and I (along with Pounce and my Ice Bat plush) were staying at Mrs. Halliwell's house! Hallie and her siblings weren't even in the dream-just us and Mrs. and Mr. Halliwell! In the dream, it was late at night so we went to bed. Peter's alarm went off around 2 or 3AM because he was going somewhere. So it woke the rest of us up. Then, me, my mom and Mrs. Halliwell had a random conversation. A little later, I looked for Pounce, who had been hiding. She came out of hiding and I offered her some swiss cheese (I'd had a slice before bed, IRL). Then Ice Bat and I went back to sleep. The next day, my mom must've gone to work or gone out. I was at my computer, surfing the 'net but supposed to be doing homework. Then Mrs. Halliwell comes up to me and tells me that I should be doing my homework and I woke up from my dream. Say what? It was so awkward. And thinking about it makes me a bit nervous about sleeping over tonight-even though I've slept over plenty of times before. I mean, how do you interpret a dream like that?

What is a weird dream that you've had? Have you ever dreamt about someone you know?


Saturday, March 15, 2014

The Prestigious Liebster Award

Hey everyone! I'm usually so bad at these award things but I decided to sit down and do this one right now. I've been tagged by Inky for the Prestigious Liebster Award. For this award, you first answer 11 questions from the person who tagged you. Then you come up with 11 questions and tag 11 more people and those people answer the questions you chose. I hope that makes sense, lol.

Here we go. First up, my answers to Inky's Questions:

1) What is your favorite animated movie or TV show? My favorite animated movie is Balto. My favorite cartoon is Sailor Moon. And Lizzie McGuire-it's partly animated! Oh, I also love the Pleasantville movies-especially Pleasantville and the Great Outdoors-it's stop-frame animation. ;)

>2) What is your favorite animal? My favorite animals are sheep and cats.

>3) Which animal are you most like? Hmmm, probably a cat or a little church-mouse. I really don't know.

>4) If you had the chance, would you go into space? Probably not. Unless it's a rollercoaster, I'm not one for heights. I'm also afraid something bad could happen. Could I just get my name on Mars like Nafy Merriman? I love looking at stars and clouds though.

>5) Would you rather go on a boat trip to Alaska or the Caribbean? That's a toughie but I would say Alaska. I'd love to see the Northern Lights. I think you can sometimes see them from around here but I never have.

>6) What is your favorite holiday? Christmas-which is also my birthday! Halloween would be a close second.

>7) Do you speak any other languages? Which ones? Does Pig-Latin count?

>8) Do you collect anything? If so, what do you collect? I collect dolls and stuffed animals.

>9) What is your favorite candy? Almond Joy and Dark Chocolate Lindt Truffles

>10) What do you like to drink when you are especially thirsty? Chocolate milk

>11) What is your favorite outfit? Hmmm, for AG I guess I would have to say the Winter Magic Outfit which is my Christmas outfit. For non-AG, it would be a tie between my pink dress from BeanBunny and my Lizzie McGuire PJs.

Okey Dokey Smokey, here are my 11 Questions for the 11 people that I will tag below.
1) What is your favorite song from the 80's?
2) Who is your favorite Muppet?
3) Would you rather change your past...or know your future?
4) Cotton Candy or Candy Apples?
5) Do you listen to podcasts? If yes, which ones?*
6) Do you have any AG dolls? If yes, which ones?
7) Do you usually do weekend homework on Friday, Saturday or Sunday?
8) Are you a Rebel...or a Royal?
9) What is your favorite candle scent?
10) What book are you currently reading?
11) If you could visit Star Valley (the doll town I live in) where would you go first: The Raspberry Flummery Café; the Star Valley General Store; or the Star Valley Salon?

And lastly, I will tag...
1)6.Le Fabuleux Destin de Sophie Amélie
2)5.Marsali N Taryn's Adventures
3)A Doll's Life
4)Samantha's Space
5)Water Street Girls' Blog
6)The Rhianna and Erin Blog
7)Wendy's Life
8)The Greens and The Roses
9)Pleasant Piper
10)Doll Delight (The Spicys)
11)And, yes, YOU. :)

*I'm going to do a little shameless plug for Clarfycast! Clarfycast is a doll town podcast hosted by Rilla and Anna of Star Valley and Clara of Waterloo. ;)

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Some Random Updates

Hey guys. Ugh, I am so bad at updating my blog-and I love writing-so that's doubly pathetic. I just don't seem to have as many fun adventures or ideas to post as some of my blogging friends. Things have been pretty quiet and I'm just chilling in my Lizzie McGuire PJs, with Pounce on my lap.

I guess I'll do a quick recap of the last few months. First, a few months ago, Sloane's cat, Salem, ran away. He never came back and she seemed really sad. I don't really talk to Sloane but I know how much I love my kitties and I would hate for something bad to happen to them. So, I had talked to my parents and I decided to give my kitten, Zip (Pounce's kitten) to Sloane. She seemed genuinely heartfelt about it and I think she was happy to have a new cat, even though he can never replace her beloved Salem. So now we just have my cat, Pounce, and Kaya's cat, Licorice, here in the Kent home. I miss Zip but I know he's safe and sound and with someone who loves him.

For Christmas I got a stocking full of candy, a Jingle plush (and Kaya got Bell) and my birthday present was a Yoohoo and Friends plush! He's gray and white and his name is Lemmee and he's a lemur. I think the Yoohoo and Friends plushies are adorable and I love Tessa's Hapee, a purple and white Red Panda. I was excited to get one of my own. :) Oh, I also got a Kitten calendar for my room, for Christmas.

Here are a couple photos of our Christmas presents:

Bell and Jingle:

So far my 2014 has been quiet. I'm still doing the same in school....and, oh shoot! I have a couple of worksheets that I forgot to do. And it's late and I should be in bed. Ugh...I'll have to try to do them before I hand them in tomorrow. On top of that, I got a "C" on my book report and a "B-" on my spelling test. I have a research paper I have to start, too. I'm doing it on Tigers, one of my favorite animals (along with sheep and cats). The notecards are due Friday and I've barely started mine. I'll get on it tomorrow.

Well, goodnight!

P.S. Here's a photo of Kaya's Bell and my Jingle with Missy's Jingle. :)

Thursday, August 29, 2013

It's That Time of Year Again...

Hey guys, sorry I haven't posted much lately. My summer was okay. I didn't really do anything exciting but I did go to Nicki's birthday party last month, which was fun. I wish I could've gone with Marina, Rilla, Gwen and Helen to Maine though-that would've been awesome!

A new girl by the name of Brooke moved to Star Valley in June. I think she's 12 or 13 and goes to Primrose Academy, the private school. Other than that, I don't know much about her.

School started a few days ago. Oh joy...not. We already have homework and we have desk partners. I'm stuck sitting next to Nikki Halliwell. She and I don't get along at all. She is so different than her younger sister, Hallie, who I am friends with. Why couldn't I be paired with Marina or Nicki or even Megan or Heather? It's not fair!

We have to write an essay over the weekend. "What is One Thing We Hope To Accomplish In School This Year?" I don't really know. *sighs*. I suppose the obvious should be try to work harder and earn better grades. But school is boring. I hate tests. And (unless I have my hand raised which is rarely) I hate being called on-either I'm not sure of the answer or if I do have it, my mind goes blank and I freeze either way. I am so unlike Marina and Megan; they're both straight-A students!

Hallie is having her annual first week back sleepover. Part of me doesn't really want to go, even though I already told her I would. But Kaya's coming, too, of course, and I think one or two others. Nicki and Kirsten, I think?


P.S. Is it June yet?

P.S. #2: Here's some pics from Nicki's birthday party:

Nicki got Mini Saige!

 photo 2013-07-24001013.jpg

A pic of me:

 photo 2013-07-24001007.jpg

Mischa with Nicki's dog, Skyler:

 photo 2013-07-24001005.jpg

Me, Nicki and Mischa (and Skyler):

 photo 2013-07-24001020.jpg

Monday, May 13, 2013

Violets & Daisies Brilliant Blog Bouquet Award.

I've been really bad at keeping blog awards going...I have one that I was nominated for last year, I think, that I still haven't replied there a time limit on replying to them? Sometimes I have a hard time coming up with answers to some of the questions, too...

Anyhoo, I was nominated for the Violets & Daisies Brilliant Blog Bouquet Award from my friend, Sophie Moreau. Thanks, Sophie!

Now onto the questions:

1. If you could have a 'flower pen name' like we have here on our blog, Violets and Daisies, what would it be? Um, I don't really know. I love carnations so maybe something with that, like Sweet Carnation or something?

2. What is your favorite ever Bible verse and why? I admit I don't really read the Bible but I like the one that was in A Walk To Remember when Jamie and Landon get married: St Paul to the Corinthians 13: 4-8 8, 13 "Love is always patient and kind, it is never jealous, love is never boastful or conceited, it is never rude or selfish, it does not take offense, nor is it resentful. Love takes no pleasure in others’ sins but delights in the truth; it is always ready to excuse, to trust, to hope and to endure whatever comes. Love does not come to an end. There are three things that last, faith, hope and love and the greatest of these is love."

I also like the one that Sophie quoted on her blog because I like the song "Turn, Turn, Turn" by The Byrds which is almost like it.

3. What are the blogs that inspire you most? I would have to say Sophie's blog: Le Fabuleaux Destin de Sophie Amelie; Inky's blog: Super Inky and Wendy's blog: Wendy's Life. They're all online friends and I love reading about their adventures. They're all also really good at updating, unlike myself.

4. If you and your friends could visit any country in the world, where would you go? I think England would be fun. Or Greece-then we could jump off that cliff from The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2-though I'd have to jump with a friend! Germany and Italy would be pretty, too.

Even if you've already been nominated, I nominate the following blogs:

1. The Water Street Girls' Blog
2. Wendy's Life
3. A Doll's Life
4. Samantha's Space
5. Super Inky